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We are a leadership development and advisory practice based in London and working globally. Using innovation, creativity and experience we develop people, teams and leadership capability in organisations.

To accomplish this goal, we are able to draw upon a substantial faculty of trainers and consultants, with task-relevant qualifications, proven leadership and operational experience, drawn primarily from law enforcement agencies, military, legal and academic institutions.

The valuable experience, skills, knowledge and capability they bring to our business have enabled us to become a trusted consultant to an increasingly diverse and international client base.

We are committed to developing effective relationships based on openness, honesty, integrity and trust.

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Operation Benedict® provides a high pressure, exciting and stimulating experiential learning event, giving a realistic insight into the work of investigators, exposing delegates to a range of transferable skills whilst addressing the key objective of making critical decisions in conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

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Immerse is an award winning, technology based business simulation which can assist in testing critical business skills, support key hires and promotions, develop individual and team abilities and ‘dry run’ a broad range of leadership scenarios. 



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More Coming Soon


Our custom designed risk & crisis leadership events raise strategic awareness and develop adaptive leadership, decision making in conditions of uncertainty, action planning, communication and stakeholder management in a crisis.

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Kevin O'Leary is the adjudicator and policing subject matter expert for Hunted & Celebrity Hunted. He was part of the team that designed the original series, ensuring authenticity in the replication of investigative methods. 

Behind the scenes on TV, Kevin runs 'TV Command' which is the engine room of the programme, providing the information to the Hunters if, and only if, they develop the leads and successful enquiries to earn it. He is also the referee, making decisions and judgement calls, which are often challenged by the passionate parties trying to outwit each other. Often tense, usually taking flak from one side or the other, but a great experience working with some fantastic people in telly. 

Kevin is on Twitter as @kevinoleary123 and you can find out more about the series at or click the button to go to the Channel 4 website to 'Meet the Ref' (opens a new browser).

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In Memory of Michael Toyne 1958 - 2015

Mick was a thought leader with regards to risk management, having had exposure to some of the most challenging operational environments in law enforcement.
His vast experience, academic knowledge and practical approach to managing risk in a way that really worked made him someone who was sought after by those facing tough challenges.
Mick's work in reducing harm and mitigating risk was the enabling factor in many investigations and difficult operations.  He was able to transfer this knowledge and understanding to other sectors and, through Risk Angels, provided the same enabling support to a wide range of businesses and institutions across the world.
Mick was passionate about his work and as a founder of Risk Angels he was at the forefront of making a difference in changing the way people and business think about risk.  He would be proud to know his legacy lives on.

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“Life slips by. The way to prolong it is for others to continue your work.”

José “Pepe” Mujica

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